Balms 1oz

Bear Paw Balm: Use on cracked, dry heels, nail beds, lips, rashes, scrapes, burns, bug bites & pimples. Bear Paw Balm softens, heals, and protects from infection.

Courage Balm: When you feel pressured, alone or someone has mistreated you, apply over heart and throat and as a lip balm when courage is needed. Contains olive oil infused with organic calamas, ginseng, rosemary and essential oil of rosemary.

Dream Balm: Rub on temples and forehead before bed.  Contains: rose, lavender, hops, chamomile, rosemary oils, olive oil, beeswax, and vitamin E

Lavendar Heart Balm: Rub over heart chakra, breathe deeply allowing emotions to flood over and through. The balm will support the grieving process. Contains olive oil infused with lavender, beeswax, lavender and sandalwood essential oils

Lemon Balm Balm: Magic for fever blisters. Contains olive oil infused with organic lemon balm, beeswax and essential lemon oil.





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